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iOS9? Save your data plan!!!

Posted by admin on 2015-09-29 in Tips

With thanks to the CBC…. Yes, THE CBC.

If you don’t want your phone to use your data plan without your knowledge, go to Settings -> Cellular -> and turn off Wi-Fi Assist (all the way at the bottom)

National Do Not Call List (Canada)

Posted by admin on 2015-03-12 in Tips

The Canadian Government has a website where consumers can register their phone numbers to the National Do Not Call List:

It’s not a guarantee that spam phone calls will stop. However, telemarketers are SUPPOSED to respect this list.

Securing WordPress

Posted by admin on 2015-01-26 in Tips

A very quick way to secure access to your WordPress administration page is via the .htaccess file. Here is a simple example that restricts access only to your IP address:

# only allow from these IP address, otherwise, throw a page forbidden message
ErrorDocument 403 /_forbidden.html
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
#your router
Allow from <<your IP address>>

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