Cook Culture

Course: Boot Camp (download PDF)

Day 1
    • Hummus and Crudités
    • Perfect Roast Chicken Leg
    • Roasted Potatoes
    • Broccoli au Buerre
    • Quick Herb Pan Sauce
    • Chicken Stock
    • Seasonal Fruit Crumble

Day 2

    • Best-ever Squash Dip and Wholewheat Flatbread
    • Classic Chicken Soup
    • Sautéed Salmon Filet, with green salad and classic vinaigrette
    • Pesto Linguini with confit cherry tomatoes, arugula, and parmesan
    • Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Day 3

    • Tzatziki and Vegetable Crudités
    • Buttermilk Muffins
    • Scrambled Eggs with capers, chevre, and cherry tomatoes
    • Grilled Rosemary Balsamic Flat Iron Steak
    • Roasted Provençal Tapenade Portobello Mushroom (V)
    • Mashed Potatoes & Honey Glazed Carrots
    • Crunchy Braised Brussel Sprouts with smoked bacon

Course: SE Asian Street Food (download PDF)

  • Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
  • Pork and Shrimp Salad Rolls with Nuoc Cham
  • Nasi Goreng (Indonesan style fried rice)
  • Kothu Roti (Sri Lankan flat bread with vegetables and spices)
  • Nahm wan Sakoo (Thai coconut soup with tapioca and melon)

Course: Comfort Food Around The World (download PDF)

  • Chicken & Dumplings:
    comforting stew with chicken, vegetables, and fluffy dumplings
  • Shepherd’s Pie:
    braised lamb and vegetables underneath creamy mashed potatoes
  • Spicy Mushroom Tofu Hot Pot:
    with noodles & rich broth infused with shiitake, soy, garlic, & chili
  • Ratatouille:
    provencal vegetables with garlic and olive oil, with crispy breadcrumbs
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