Zenvision Support – Where Customer Satisfaction REALLY IS Our Number One Goal

Zenvision provides affordable support for Peace of Mind Computing. We have many cost-effective options for small businesses who cannot afford or do not wish to employ a full time IT on-site specialist. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation, during which our qualified staff will discuss your support requirements and advise how we can tailor solutions to meet your needs. Some of the options open to customers include:

  • Monthly Support at an Agreed Fixed Price – Proactive support of your systems and users.
  • Pay-as-u-go Incident based support – Call us when you need us and know our prices have NO hidden surprises.
  • Unlimited Telephone Support – For Contracted customers.
  • Remote Computer support – Access over the Internet via a secure VPN tunnel.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits – For Contracted customers.Please call us 604-800-4348 to arrange your FREE initial consultation.
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