Custom Development

For clients with unique information system needs and when commercial software programs aren’t a good fit, we create and deliver customized solutions to meet your needs. Our software development team includes client-server and web development experts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance testers and software trainers. We augment our team with specialists as required to meet the ever demanding needs of new technology areas.

We have developed customized systems for many of our clients and help to maintain legacy systems. Our solutions are based on the Oracle, SQL Server, and MYSQL database platforms, with Flash, HTML and PowerBuilder technologies employed. We follow the standard four-stage development cycle, each stage representing a major milestone and is used as a management checkpoint to review and approve progress and quality.

Scope: To understand how, first – we try and understand what this defines our basic paradigm. We try and understand thoroughly, the objectives that our solution is expected to fulfill. A key objective of this phase is to arrive at a consensus between the client and us on expectations, goals and delivery approach.

Design: Next, the process flow design is derived from the functional understanding that leads to the detailed Functional and Technical design. We have the requisite skill sets to not only understand, to the minute details, the technologies that should be used but also to design and develop alternatives.

Implement: For the implementation, the people who design the system carry it forward to its conclusion, which is a successful rollout. We believe in taking our clients along with us throughout the course of the implementation. Our implementation design is modular and we have the processes to test each module before we integrate it for faster final deployment. The deliverables at the end of this phase are the complete system as per the specifications, and updated design documents.

Rollout: Final deployment of the site includes setup and testing on the clients systems. We actively participate with the client in the beta releases of the system, and our detailed logging mechanisms ensure that any bugs that have passed the earlier phases unnoticed are efficiently located and fixed. This phase also includes any necessary knowledge transfer, from technical documentation to user or technical training.

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